Wood-Mode Cabinets

For over 60 years, Wood-Mode has been widely recognized for excellence in cabinet design, material selection, construction and finishes. Hand crafted by their dedicated craftspeople, using only the finest materials, woodworking skills, and the most advanced technology. The result is the highest quality cabinetry with an impressive range of styles, colors, woods, moldings and hardware, so your design choices are virtually limitless.

Custom built Wood-Mode cabinets give your kitchen décor a truly unique look customized to suit your preferences and fit your family needs. Whether you want a simple, no-frills look or want to pull out all stops and want to build a kitchen that elicits looks of envy from your neighbors, Wood-Mode cabinetry are the way to go. If you want to remodel your kitchen with new cabinets from Wood-Mode, Houston-based showroom of Cabinets & Designs is the place to go. Stop by our showroom today and talk to our designers, to give your kitchen, bathroom and closets an updated, beautiful look.

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