Frequently Asked Questions

Our customers often have great questions. Here are our answers to some common questions.

Working with Cabinets and Designs

My contractor says he can build cabinets at a lower price that are just as good. Can he?
Usually, the answer is no. The factors to take into account are the type and quality of wood, box and drawer construction, are there any interior features such as soft-close/full-extension drawer glides, pull-out drawers, pull-out trash can and many other features most homeowners expect in today’s kitchens. A major factor is the quality of the finish. In the home, you can expect 2 coats of paint and a topcoat while a factory cabinet depending on the selections may have both hand wiping and machine finishing tools, and multiple baking cycles between finishing processes to ensure the quality and durability of the finish. Last but not least is the Warranty. Most manufacturers offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty to the original purchaser and a contractor might offer 1-2 years.
Do you stock cabinetry?
No. Our cabinetry is made to order for a specific project, built to each client’s needs and specifications; therefore, we do not stock the cabinets. We have samples available in our showroom.
What is a design retainer?
A design retainer is 5-10% of the estimated cost of the project. It enables the designer to begin the process of a home visit, taking measurements, and creating designs/drawings for your project. If our cabinetry is purchased the design retainer is applied to the purchase price of your cabinetry upon receiving a signed proposal.
Will a designer come out to my home?
A designer will make an appointment to come to your home to take detailed measurements once a budget estimate is approved and a design retainer is obtained.
How do I measure my space?
It is best to start by drawing a rough outline of your room. Measure the walls. Continue by adding in doors, doorways, and windows- be sure to include the casing/trim while measuring. Add in any obstructions such as radiators, pipes, plumbing, and electrical and their measurements. Lastly add in the existing location of cabinetry, appliances, and fixtures and their measurements if they apply to the remodel.
How soon are my cabinets delivered?
Once all selections and specifications have been determined, the cabinets will be ordered. Once the order has been placed, the cabinets will be delivered approximately as follows: Wood-Mode 8-12 weeks Brookhaven 7-9 weeks


How do I tell a good cabinet from a bad cabinet?
Basic construction is a great place to start. How are the drawers and components of the cabinet put together? If you see staples… be worried. Dovetail joints are extremely durable and the way to go on drawer construction. Dowel or mortise and tenon joints are perfect for joining the sides and back of the cabinets- similar methods are used in furniture to create the strongest of bonds. Is solid wood used for the doors? Solid wood is great for the door panels, however it is better to use an engineered wood or plywood for the frame of the cabinetry to ensure warping does not occur. Since solid wood expands and contracts with exposure to moisture you want the frame to be unwavering.
What product lines do you carry?
We are now offering four different lines of cabinetry. Wood-Mode Custom Cabinetry, Brookhaven Cabinetry, North American Cabinetry, and Bridgewood Cabinetry. This allows us to offer additional choices in both budget and design options to our customers. Whatever your style is, we can create it.
What is the difference between factory-built and job-built cabinetry?
The simple answer is value, precision, customization, functionality, warranty, consistency of construction, finish quality, and customer service. The quality of finishes and consistency of construction cannot be matched in a home because of the uncontrolled environment. In addition, the quality of hinges, glides, etc. are things that can affect the strength, durability, and appearance of your future cabinetry.
What is the difference between framed and frameless construction?
Framed cabinets have a face frame where the doors are considered inset, standard overlay, or full overlay. Inset doors are flush with frame of the cabinet. Standard doors overlay the frame, leaving up to 1 1/2” reveal compared to the 1/8” to1/4” reveal with full overlay doors. Framed cabinets tend to look more traditional. Frameless cabinetry constructed without the face frame allows full, easier access to the interior of the cabinet. About 90% of consumers today choose frameless cabinetry. While frameless cabinetry used to be considered contemporary it now is seen as clean and elegant when paired with a traditional door style or finish.
What is the typical warranty for cabinetry?
Warranties vary across the board. Job-site cabinetry tends to offer a 1-year warranty. Factory cabinetry typically offers a warranty of 3-10 years. Wood-Mode and Brookhaven Cabinetry offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
What other construction details do I need to consider?
Other things to consider in construction are the hinges and glides. Are they stable? Do they offer soft-close hinges and/or glides? Are the drawers full-extension (do you have full access to the drawers)? Any one of these things can affect the strength, durability, and appearance of your future cabinets.

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