Brookhaven Spring Fever PromotionNow through June 29, 2018, you can save on Brookhaven cabinetry with their latest promotion.  Their “Spring Fever” Pick-a-Premium Promotion can result in huge savings!  Here’s how it works.  You pick one of the following:
    • 50% off the door/drawer style premium OR
    • 50% off the wood species premium OR
    • 50% off percent off the plywood construction premium OR
    • 25% off the finish premium for Classic Opaques, Designer Opaques, Classic Heirloom Opaques, or Designer Heirloom Opaques
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If your home was damaged during the recent flooding or you’ve been on the fence about planning a kitchen with Brookhaven cabinetry, now is the time to act. The Brookhaven “Spring Fever” Program can result in big savings! Are you ready to take advantage of the best deal on custom cabinetry in town? Call Cabinets & Designs today at (713) 627-8970 to get started!
*Visit the showroom for details.