Wood-Mode Special Savings Event

wm-special1The response was overwhelming, so Wood-Mode extended their incredible ‘Pick-A-Premium’ Savings Event for a limited time only. Between now and February 24, 2017, Wood-Mode is offering unbeatable savings on their premium cabinetry—customers will have the chance to select either a 100% off the Door/Drawer Style Premium*, 50% off the Wood Species Premium, or 50% off the Finish Premium. This allows the homeowner flexibility to choose between the Drawer/Door Styles, Wood Species, and Finish Premium that will offer the maximum savings on their order.

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Urban Revival Wood-Mode Ktichen
If you’ve been on the fence about planning a kitchen with cabinetry from Wood-Mode, but the price was giving you pause, now is the time to act. The Wood-Mode Special Savings Event can result in big savings; some customers reported saving up to $15,000! Whether you need a few cabinets or a whole new kitchen, you’ll miss out on savings if you miss out on ‘Pick-A-Premium.’Are you ready to take advantage of the best deal on custom cabinetry in town? Stop in at Cabinets & Designs today to get started!
*Stainless Steel and Backpainted Glass Door Styles are excluded from the 100 percent off premium selection, but are eligible for the 50 percent of premium.