My builder says he can build cabinets just as a good at a lower price. Can he?

Usually the answer is no. There are many ways builders/remodelers cut costs when doing job site construction. The type and quality of the wood being used, box and drawer construction, providing no interior features such as soft-close/full-extension drawer glides, pull-out drawers or other very common interior features that most homeowners expect in a new kitchen. They also cannot match the quality of the finish on site. Typically onsite cabinetry finishing consists of two coats of stain/paint and a top coat. Wood-Mode and Brookhaven go through up to 25 finishing processes, using both hand wiping and machine finishing tools, and 5-6 baking cycles between finishing processes to ensure the quality and durability of the finish. When warranty is being considered, simply put, we cannot be beat; Wood-Mode and Brookhaven offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Typically warranties from builders/remodelers are 1-2 years. Visit our showroom and one of our kitchen designers would be happy to show you the differences between ours and theirs and recommend questions to ask your builder/remodeler.

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