Cheaper Isn’t Always Better—And It Isn’t Always Cheaper!

Every homeowner is renovating with a budget. Some budgets are big, some are small, but most of us approach a remodeling job with a fixed amount of money to spend. No matter the size of your budget, all homeowners want the same thing—the very best products, material, and labor that their money can buy. So when homeowners tell us they are going to “save money” by shopping at big box stores, we feel the need to set the record straight. There may be up-front savings associated with shopping at a big, anonymous national retailer but those small savings can cost you time and money during the renovation process. Continue reading

Price Point: Plumbing Fixtures

One of the frequently-asked-questions we hear during kitchen and bath renovations is in regard to the price difference on plumbing fixtures between big box stores and plumbing suppliers. At first glance, it certainly appears that purchasing fixtures at a box store—or even online—would result in big savings. Continue reading