Renovation Timelines—A New Kitchen by New Year!

Is a new kitchen on your holiday wishlist? Now is the time to get started if you want a fully renovated kitchen by the New Year. Many homeowners are surprised to learn a full kitchen renovation can take up to five months—call Cabinets & Designs today to make an appointment and get your dream kitchen by 2019!  Continue reading

Top Tips: Kitchen Lighting

The right lighting is important in every room of your house, including—and perhaps especially—your kitchen. Kitchens are where people gather to spend time, but they also function as a workspace in need of practical task lighting. A designer will help you create a plan to light your kitchen to perfection.

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Top Tips: Countertops + Backsplash

Last week we talked about flooring, and this week we’re turning our attention to two other kitchen surfaces: the countertops and the backsplash. The process can vary and is sometimes confusing to homeowners. For example, you won’t always order your backsplash and your countertop from the same vendor, so delivery and installation times must be coordinated. Also, some places do the installation while others don’t—it’s a good question to ask up front when you start shopping for materials.

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KBIS 2018 Spotlight: Best Kitchen

Last week we talked about a special KBIS “show home” which served as part-renovation display, part-event venue. Cabinets & Designs president Maria Frank was impressed by the attention to detail in the master bathroom, calling it one of the highlights of her KBIS experience. This week we’re going to take a closer look at the equally-impressive renovated kitchen from the same space.

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KBIS 2018 Spotlight: Best Bathroom

One of the most engaging “displays” at KBIS 2018 wasn’t a display at all, but a spectacular master bathroom in a home remodeled for this year’s event. Cabinets & Designs president Maria Frank and other attendees were invited to a special meet-and-greet event; Maria came for the Brookhaven by Wood-Mode Custom Cabinetry in the kitchen but was impressed by everything the home had to offer.

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Great Gadgets & Innovations at KBIS 2018

A great idea is often illustrated with a lightbulb turning on, or described in terms of a “switch being flipped.” Some of the most interesting innovations lighting up this year’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) can be accessed with just a flip of a switch. From small, inexpensive solutions to big, bold lighting fixtures, homeowners are looking for more useful, more beautiful ways to illuminate their homes, and our industry friends have delivered.

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Ringing in 2018

Happy New Year, Houston! As we usher in 2018, we want to thank our clients for their patience as Hurricane Harvey recovery continues. Due to high demand, delays are occurring across our industry; due to unprecedented demand after the storm, everything from delivery to installation is taking longer than usual, and we so appreciate your patience as we work to address your needs.

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