Tips for Working with Your Kitchen Designer

Your kitchen designer is tasked with making your dream kitchen a reality. From managing your budget to managing your expectations, a kitchen designer has a lot on their plate—here are a few tips on how you can be a great client.

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Renovation Timelines—A New Kitchen by New Year!

Is a new kitchen on your holiday wishlist? Now is the time to get started if you want a fully renovated kitchen by the New Year. Many homeowners are surprised to learn a full kitchen renovation can take up to five months—call Cabinets & Designs today to make an appointment and get your dream kitchen by 2019!  Continue reading

Top Tips: Countertops + Backsplash

Last week we talked about flooring, and this week we’re turning our attention to two other kitchen surfaces: the countertops and the backsplash. The process can vary and is sometimes confusing to homeowners. For example, you won’t always order your backsplash and your countertop from the same vendor, so delivery and installation times must be coordinated. Also, some places do the installation while others don’t—it’s a good question to ask up front when you start shopping for materials.

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Designing a Kitchen: For Function!

It’s no secret that we love home renovation here at Cabinets & Designs, but we do have a few secrets up our sleeves. After so many transformations we have developed a list of “insider favorite” features and tips for homeowners—“must-haves” for the modern homeowner.

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How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Kitchen Cabinets

The New Year is just around the corner, which means many homeowners will begin planning renovations for 2018. If you’ve been thinking about replacing your kitchen cabinets, but you’re not sure whether to wait, consider the following scenarios:

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Kitchen & Interior Designers: Tips for Working as a Team

Working with a design team can help you refine your style, save time and money, keep projects on track, and create the kitchen (or home) of your dreams. The flip side of working with a team lies in the potential for conflict—a “too many cooks in the kitchen” situation, pun intended!

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Join the Cabinets & Designs Team: Kitchen Designer Needed

Are you a certified kitchen designer living in the Houston area? Are you interested in working in a fun, dynamic showroom with a professional staff and amazing clients? Would you like to work at a family-run company with 45 years of experience? If your answer to these questions was “yes” we would love to meet you! Cabinets & Designs is looking for a new kitchen designer to join our team—is it you?

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Kitchen Renovation: Budget Breakdown

It’s difficult to generalize when it comes to kitchen renovation budgets because no two kitchens are the same. Once a homeowner is finished making dozens of small decisions, every kitchen is a custom kitchen. The prospect of spending that much money all at once can be intimidating, which means we often hear questions like, “So — how much do most people spend on a new kitchen?” Continue reading