Don’t Miss Katana by Canyon Creek at Cabinets & Designs

Have you heard? Katana frameless cabinets by Canyon Creek have returned to the Cabinets & Designs showroom! You won’t want to miss these beautiful cabinets, which offer good quality, affordable options in a wide array of styles, colors, and wood species.

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Clean Space: Closet Organization

When we talk about Wood-Mode and Brookhaven cabinets, we often focus on the kitchen, but other spaces can benefit with custom cabinetry installation. Today we’re going to talk about how installing a custom Wood-Mode or Brookhaven closet can help improve storage and organization. Your home is unique, and your closet requires a unique storage solution—and that’s where Wood-Mode comes in. Continue reading

To Consider: Custom Freestanding Cabinetry

Cabinetry is not just for the kitchen and bathroom—in fact, you can update any space in your house with pieces from a custom cabinetry maker, like Wood-Mode, that function like furniture. Whether you have an awkward space that requires a custom piece, or you just can’t find the perfect piece of furniture to meet your needs, custom freestanding cabinetry is a great solution. Continue reading

Empty Nest Conversions: Finally! A Master Suite

This month we’re talking about some of our favorite ways to convert an unused spare bedroom to give it new life. We explored the idea of a home office or study, as well as a dedicated space for crafts and hobbies; this week we turn our attention to one of the most popular renovations for a little-used spare bedroom—a master suite. Continue reading

Closet Conversion

A closet conversion might not sound like the most exciting renovation you can undertake, but it’s arguably one of the most satisfying—especially if you’re tackling the kids’ closet. Imagine—neatly folded clothes in drawers, shelves lined with shoeboxes, or even (dare you dream?) pre-sorted laundry ready to be picked up and carried right to the laundry room. The perfect project for summer, a closet conversion is great for a middle school student transitioning to high school; it’s no secret that teenagers can be messy, and a closet renovation can help foster organizational habits.

Closet Space

Get Inspired

We love using social media to find design inspiration, and that goes for closets, too. We have found so many incredible designs using both Houzz and Pinterest; whether you are looking for DIY on a budget, or high-end ideas to bring to one of our Cabinets & Designs designers, social media will help inspire you from the grand design down to the smallest detail.

Budget Planning

Not sure if you can afford the closet makeover of your dreams? That’s what we’re here for—stop in to see us at Cabinets & Designs to sit down with a designer to weigh your options. We estimate the value of your project using your plans and selections from our lines of Wood-Mode, Brookhaven, and now Canyon Creek Closets Plus.

Think Ahead

Eventually, the kids move out, and then what? If you are converting a closet for a teenager, keep in mind that soon that closet will be yours, so ask yourself how you might use that space in the near future. Designing a space for optimum efficiency and long-term use is something our designers excel at, and will keep that space useable for years to come—long after the kids move out.

Outside the Box

What if that closet wasn’t a closet? If a closet in your home underused as a storage space, consider repurposing it, and let your imagination run wild: a reading nook, a playroom, a secret pirate hideaway—the sky is the limit!

A closet renovation fits perfectly in between summer activity sessions and family vacations. Stop in, consult with one of our designers, and have better storage space by the time school starts in the fall.

Canyon Creek “Closets Plus” at Cabinets & Designs

Last week on the blog we gave you a mini-tour of the Canyon Creek website, and this week we are going to remain “on topic” to announce that we are now carrying Canyon Creek Closets Plus storage & organization at Cabinets & Designs. We invite you to keep reading to learn more about Closets Plus, and then we invite you to visit the store, where you can see our new display and how it can bring greater organization to your home and life.

Closets Plus—More Than Just Closets

Walk-In Closets

Let’s consider the “plus” in Closets Plus for just a moment—think outside the box of your bedroom closet, and consider all of the other spaces of your home that could benefit from greater organization. Is your pantry a disorganized wreck? Is your mudroom a tangle of boots and coats and sports equipment? Is there a corner of your finished basement that could be better put to use as storage; or perhaps you have a linen closet that you can just never seem to keep straight? That’s where Closets Plus comes in.


When we redesign your space using Closets Plus, one of our designers will help guide you through the process to achieve the best results. To give your designer an idea of the direction you are heading, use the Planning Guide available on the Canyon Creek website; get inspired, and show us what your vision looks like. Even better than describing it to us, you can show us yourself. Your designer can then create the design that will maximize space within the aesthetic you’ve provided, and at a comfortable price point.

To help your designer get started, Canyon Creek has developed some tools to make evaluating your closet or other space easy. Start with a Closet Inventory so that your Closets Plus designer knows what (and how much) you have in your closet; use the Planning Grid to sketch your closet, and your ideas for redesign. Finally, after your Closets Plus designer has come to your home, taken final measurements, and worked with you to create the space you want, it will be time for installation; use the Canyon Creek “Prep for Installation” Guide to make sure the install goes quickly and smoothly.

Customizable and Convenient


Closets Plus Shelving

Closets Plus modules allow you to create the custom closet (or other space) that you need. Closets Plus has a style to fit everyone, whether your aesthetic is traditional or modern, and a full range of colors and materials from which to choose. The folks at Closets Plus have addressed everything from jewelry storage to tie organizers, from fold-out ironing boards to clothes hampers. The closet you need is waiting for you at Cabinets & Designs—stop in and see us today!

Keeping a Shared Closet Organized

Hunt Club Valet by Wood-ModeMany of us get used to having our own personal closets when we live alone.  Life does not always remain the same and we may go on to share our rooms with friends, colleagues, or significant others. Transitioning from having your own closet to sharing a closet with someone can be difficult.  You may need to adjust the way you organize to make space for two where there was once only one!

Start by each person designating a personal storage space within the closet. Try to make this as fair as possible while keeping in mind one person may have more to store than the other.  Consider yourself lucky if your partner does not require much storage space and allows you to have the lion’s share.

Following the division of storage space, you should clean up the clutter. You have to be ruthless in this case. Just do away with items that you are not using anymore; some of them might be useful to others.  You can always donate items to friends, family, or those less fortunate than you.  Cleaning the clutter is an activity that should be redone periodically otherwise you will find your closet getting filled with things you do not need or use.

Now comes the organizing part.  Invest in shelf dividers, hangars, shoe-holders, hanging sweater organizers, and other compartmentalized products; they are extremely useful in keeping your closet organized.  Consider storing items that are not used very often (holiday decorations or seasonal clothing) in a different place, such as in suitable containers under the bed. 

option is to redesign the space completely to better suit both of your
needs for shelf space, hanging sections and other specialized style options.

Once everything has its place, make sure to put things away in their designated areas.  Even when in a hurry it is helpful to put things back where you got them.  This will keep your closet tidy and require major clean-outs to be less frequent. If you stick to these basics you can easily manage your closet space and actually enjoy it!