Don’t Miss Katana by Canyon Creek at Cabinets & Designs

Have you heard? Katana frameless cabinets by Canyon Creek have returned to the Cabinets & Designs showroom! You won’t want to miss these beautiful cabinets, which offer good quality, affordable options in a wide array of styles, colors, and wood species.

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Empty Nest Conversions: Create a Crafting Space

If you’re the crafty type, you already know how easy it is for your projects to take over the house—scrapbooking spread across the dining room table, or knitting draped over the back of your couch. This month we are taking a look at ways you can convert an unused or recently-vacated bedroom into something new. Last week we shared tips for creating a home office, and this week we turn our attention to creative crafting spaces. Whether you scrapbook, sew, or weave baskets in your spare time, creating a dedicated space for your craft will make your work more enjoyable. Continue reading