Renovations for Less

A few weeks ago we talked about timelines for kitchen renovations—a process that can take up to five months from planning to installation when the job is a complete kitchen overhaul. Twenty weeks is a long time and kitchen remodels are expensive, but there are updates you can make in less time, and for far less money, that will make a big impact without a big investment of time or money. Continue reading

Durable by Design: Dekton by Cosentino

One of the most exciting surface materials on the market is Dekton by Cosentino. We love this durable, low-maintenance product so much we’ve chosen to install it in several areas of our new showroom at The Shoppes at Memorial Villages. Why do we love Dekton so much? Here are just a few reasons. Continue reading

Count on Your Countertop: Tips for Shopping Surfaces

Before you start shopping for kitchen countertops, it’s a good idea to consider three factors that will affect your decision-making: budget, function and lifestyle, and aesthetics. With the variety of materials, treatments, and maintenance options on the market, narrowing your field before you hit the showroom floor will make the selection process a lot more fun. Continue reading

Wired: Making Your Kitchen Work for You

Poor lighting is a common kitchen pet peeve, one that we often address during the course of a redesign and renovation. Ease and efficiency are a must for homeowners seeking to renovate their kitchen space, so lighting solutions should not only enhance the overall aesthetic, they must also create better workspace(s) in the end. Continue reading

In the Kitchen 2016: Countertop Trends

Last month on the blog we began to explore some of our favorite renovation and design trends emerging in 2016: new products from Kohler, the latest in glass surface innovation, and an illuminating look at what’s popular in home lighting. In today’s blog we will continue to look at our favorite emerging trends, beginning with countertop surfaces. Continue reading