Cabinets & Designs: Delivered

When it’s time to get away, where do you go? A beach house in Galveston, perhaps, or a retreat in the Texas Hill Country? Maybe you drive a bit further to unwind, like a vacation home on South Padre Island. Whether you’ve invested in a simple weekend hideaway or a second home to move into after retirement, the Cabinets & Designs team is always prepared to ‘take the show on the road’ to help you renovate.

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Universal Design

What do we mean when we talk about the concept of “universal design”? It means that a living space has been designed to be as accessible as possible by all people, regardless of factors like age, size, and mobility. Often universal design is described with terms like ‘intuitive’, ‘simple’, and ‘common sense’.

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2016 Lighting Trends

Trends in home lighting aren’t limited to light fixtures and floor lamps. Today we are going to take a look at some of our favorite trends in home lighting that have emerged in early 2016. From finishes to energy efficiency to illuminating the small spaces in our lives, homeowners have more options than ever before. Not only does the right lighting instantly upgrade the aesthetics of a room, it can also increase convenience and energy efficiency, making your home more comfortable and livable than ever before. Continue reading