Wood-Mode ‘Pick 2’ Savings Event Extended

We’re very pleased to announce that our summer Wood-Mode ‘Pick-2’ Savings Event has been extended. The ‘Pick-2’ event was scheduled to end in September; however, Wood-Mode has extended the deadline in Houston and the surrounding areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. If you live in Houston or another area affected by Harvey, you still have time to save big on high-end Wood-Mode cabinetry.

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Managing Your Pets During a Renovation

You’re not the only member of your family who will have to approve of your contractor—don’t forget the family pets! When planning a renovation, it’s important to think about and make proper arrangements for your dogs and cats, for their safety and the safety of the work crew.

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Houston & Hurricane Harvey: How You Can Help

In the wake of Harvey, the Cabinets & Designs staff is committed to helping Houston rebuild. Our thoughts and prayers are with those families affected by the storm, and we encourage everyone to chip in and do their part. Whether you’re looking to donate time, money, food, clothing, or household items, many organizations throughout Houston could use your help. Here are some of our favorite suggestions for how you can help Houston recover from Hurricane Harvey. Continue reading

Breaking: Brookhaven Announces New “Essentials” Program

When one door closes, another one opens! Just as our first summer Brookhaven cabinet promotion ends, a new one is announced so act now to take advantage of Brookhaven Cabinets’ new “Essentials” program.

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Kitchen Renovation: Budget Breakdown

It’s difficult to generalize when it comes to kitchen renovation budgets because no two kitchens are the same. Once a homeowner is finished making dozens of small decisions, every kitchen is a custom kitchen. The prospect of spending that much money all at once can be intimidating, which means we often hear questions like, “So — how much do most people spend on a new kitchen?” Continue reading

Three Things Your Kitchen Designer Needs to Get Started

So you’re ready to renovate your kitchen—now what? A good place to start is a consultation with a certified kitchen designer to help walk you through the myriad of decisions that come next. When it’s time to sit down and talk business, it’s good to come prepared with a few things to help your designer give you the best advice.  Continue reading

Clean Space: Closet Organization

When we talk about Wood-Mode and Brookhaven cabinets, we often focus on the kitchen, but other spaces can benefit with custom cabinetry installation. Today we’re going to talk about how installing a custom Wood-Mode or Brookhaven closet can help improve storage and organization. Your home is unique, and your closet requires a unique storage solution—and that’s where Wood-Mode comes in. Continue reading

Brookhaven in the Showroom: Blue Bathroom Display

Our theme on the blog this month is customization solutions with Brookhaven cabinetry. There are many reasons why you should shop Brookhaven, from their made-in-the-U.S.A. high-quality workmanship to the excellent lifetime limited warranty. We love Brookhaven so much we’ve installed it throughout the new Cabinets & Designs showroom, including our new bath display, with some of Brookhaven’s latest new styles and features. Continue reading

Brookhaven in the Showroom: Entertainment Center

When you visit the Cabinets & Designs showroom, one of the first custom displays is our Brookhaven I & II entertainment center. We love the eye-catching design, where visual interest is created through a modern mix of colors, textures, and finishes. When you can’t find the perfect piece of furniture, create it yourself—create custom solutions with Brookhaven. Continue reading

Five Reasons to Shop Brookhaven

The clock is ticking on our Brookhaven ‘Pick-2’ Savings Event, which ends July 28, 2017, but big savings aren’t the only reason to shop for Brookhaven cabinetry. No matter when you decide to buy, Brookhaven should be on your list. Here are five reasons why we love Brookhaven cabinets. Continue reading