Five Things Your Kitchen Designer Loves

Make the most of your home renovation and make your kitchen designer happy at the same time! Use this list of tips to make things simple for your renovation team from start to finish.

Tip #1: Create a Detailed Plan for Each Space

Don’t just think about how you use a space now—think about how you will use it after a renovation, and design accordingly. Make a detailed list of activities you envision for your renovated space, so your designer can make appropriate choices in layout, storage, and materials.

Tip #2: Organize, Store, and Label

Don’t wait until a construction crew shows up at your house to start emptying cupboards! Systematically go through your cabinets to begin packing, labeling, and storing items; consider what you’ll need to keep accessible during the renovation and keep those items handy, and store the rest in well-labeled boxes in an out-of-the-way area of the house. No room? Consider a short-term storage unit until the renovation is complete.

Tip #3: Take Photos, Bring Photos

Take photos of your space, and bring photos that inspire you to help your designer get a sense of your current style and your goal.

Tip #4: Bring an Open Mind

A kitchen designer brings experience and creativity to a kitchen renovation, so be open to suggestions. You may have your heart set on a design feature or specific material, but a kitchen designer may have alternate ideas based on your lifestyle—be flexible.

Tip #5: Keep Changes to a Minimum

Last-minute changes can hurt your renovation timeline, and your budget’s bottom line—keep your designer in the loop when you want to make changes to minimize delays and budget-busters.

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