Renovation Timelines—A New Kitchen by New Year!

Is a new kitchen on your holiday wishlist? Now is the time to get started if you want a fully renovated kitchen by the New Year. Many homeowners are surprised to learn a full kitchen renovation can take up to five months—call Cabinets & Designs today to make an appointment and get your dream kitchen by 2019! 


Weeks 1-4: Planning & Kitchen Design

You’re going to do it—you’re going to renovate your kitchen! First, sit down and make lists:

  • Create a budget
  • Make a list of “key features” you want in your new kitchen
  • What appliances do you want to keep? Donate? Purchase new?

Next make an appointment with a kitchen designer. Your kitchen designer will create a more detailed version of your budget once you have chosen door style and finish for your cabinetry. A Cabinets & Designs kitchen designer can offer you contract recommendations and refer you to appliance specialists that can recommend the proper appliances for your specific project, in the sizes appropriate from the cabinetry you’ve chosen. Looking for additional assistance choosing other materials and finishes? An ASID designer is a great way to round out your renovation team.

Note: If your renovation will require moving walls your timeline will be longer. Make sure your contractor has the experience to handle that level of work or find an architect to help with the renovation.

Weeks 5-10: Preparing for Renovation

By now you have ordered your appliances, cabinets, and countertops, which means your next step is to pack up the old kitchen. Here are a few tips to stay organized:

  • Create a secondary “kitchen space” (microwave, refrigerator, etc.) where you can prepare simple meals during the renovation;
  • Stock your secondary kitchen space with essentials (strainer, stockpot, cooking utensils) as well as paper plates and disposable utensils;
  • Identify a sink to wash dishes during the renovation;
  • Designate boxes and containers “Keep” “Donate” and “Trash” and label your packing boxes clearly;
  • Keep a few take-out menus handy!

Weeks 11-19: Demolition & Installation

The length of your demolition phase will depend on the size of your renovation. It takes about a week for a professional crew to deconstruct a room. Once construction begins the average remodel takes about eight weeks to complete; factors that impact the length of this phase include plumbing, drywall, project size, electrical work, materials chosen, product delays, and more.  Installation typically occurs in the following order: flooring, cabinets, countertops, paint, and then appliances.

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