Designing a Kitchen: For Function!

It’s no secret that we love home renovation here at Cabinets & Designs, but we do have a few secrets up our sleeves. After so many transformations we have developed a list of “insider favorite” features and tips for homeowners—“must-haves” for the modern homeowner.

 Stash the Trash

It’s easy to get distracted by big decisions in a kitchen renovation, but sometimes the little things make the biggest difference. Don’t get so excited choosing your smart appliances that you forget to make smart decisions about practical issues, like where to store garbage and recycling. A pull-out garbage can that blends into your cabinetry is the way to go, and don’t forget you can make it a double (or more) to make sorting the recycling a snap.

Trash Can Pullout Cabinet

Layered Lighting

Proper lighting in a kitchen means layered lighting, which means lighting for all the things that go on in your kitchen. Think about lighting for function (cooking, entertaining, family time) as well as form (decorative or accent lighting). If you’re adding dimmers, don’t forget to add them to each type of lighting. Interior lighting for drawers and cabinets not only helps you see into every corner but illuminates your most beautiful collections and/or pieces as decorations.


Storage & Interior Spaces

We touched on customizing cabinet and drawer interiors last week, highlighting interior features by Wood-Mode. Custom interiors help you stay organized—think pull-out drawers with built-in knife blocks and custom coffee pod storage—and powered up, via docking charging drawers. Work with a kitchen designer to choose drawer and cabinet interiors to maximize storage for the way you live and cook.


Bending vs. Reaching

One designer recently mentioned she likes to install all drawers on lower cabinets for clients who don’t want to bend over. Conversely, if reaching high spaces is a challenge you will want to maximize lower storage space accordingly.

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