Organizational Must-Haves for the Modern Kitchen

How did you celebrate Cinco de Mayo? We hope it involved at least one margarita and unlimited chips and salsa! When Cinco de Mayo falls on a weeknight, it calls for a more low-key celebration which means mixing up the cocktails at home. If you love to entertain, we have a few suggestions for upgrades to keep you organized and guests coming back for more.

Smarter Storage

Having a lot of cabinet space is great, but having a lot of well-organized cabinet space is even better. If you find yourself bending, reaching, and groping at the backs of your cabinets why not upgrade to specialized interiors to keep things organized? Store platters upright on pull-out rollers for easy access, and send your guests home with Tupperware that is always stored with a matching lid.

Drawer with partitions Turnout corner for large cabinet

Stash the Trash

Free-standing garbage cans take up space, and garbage cans under the sink quickly make their presence known—so what’s the solution? Installing pull-out cabinets for garbage and recycling disposal saves floor space and keeps unpleasant odors under wraps.

Trash Can Pullout Cabinet

Now-You-See It: Appliance Garage

You want: Margaritas in minutes. You need: To keep your appliances tucked out of sight. What to do? An “appliance garage” is a countertop compartment that keeps your large countertop appliances out of sight and within easy reach.

Appliance Garage for Countertop Appliances

Glass Storage & Display

It’s a shame to let your beautiful margarita set (sets?) sit tucked away inside a cabinet. Try installing glass storage that allows you to display your favorite glassware and dishware. You could also create a custom home bar to make sure margaritas are at hand 365 days a year.

Lateral Bi-Pass Doors Wine and Glass Storage Glass Storage Drawer

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