KBIS-Kohler Accessories

We always find a lot to love at the annual Kitchen & Bath Industry Show, and KBIS 2018 was no exception. Over the next few weeks we will detail our favorite trends and products, from cabinets to appliances, and more.

When Cabinets & Designs president Maria Frank hits the floor at KBIS, she is always on the lookout for fresh gadgets and simple-but-inexpensive “inspired” solutions.

“There’s just something really satisfying about finding those simple, inexpensive gadgets and solutions,” said Frank. “Of course I love to look at the beautiful Wood-Mode cabinetry and the high-end smart appliances, but I always keep my eye out for those innovative solutions-with-a-twist.”

Kohler Accessories

Our friends at Kohler have created a collapsible wine glass drying rack that holds wine glasses upside down and folds away for easy storage. If counter space is at a premium in your kitchen, this is a handy space-saving solution.

Kohler Wine Glass Drying Rack

Kohler Kitchen Helpers are durable silicone mats that roll up for storage, and can be used for drying glassware or as a trivet—these mats are heat resistant up to 500 °F!


This ‘Simple Swipe’ kitchen tool from Kohler is ingenious; part-squeegee, part-brush, it features an intelligent ledge design which allows you to hang it off the counter or sink.

Kohler Smart Squegee

Another clever gadget we found at KBIS 2018 was the LOOEEGEE Hygienic Toilet Squeegee. Who knew they could build a better toilet brush? The Looeegee has a sturdy base, and its head is made of hygienic, non-stick silicone that has 30 micro-squeegee blades to reach up and under the rim for a cleaner toilet.

Kohler Loogee Toilet Squegee

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