Interior Design vs. Kitchen Design: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to interior design versus kitchen design, what’s in a name? If you’re not sure whether you need an interior designer or a kitchen designer, or both, we can help.

Homeowners hire an interior designer when they want a “wide-angle lens” to help them coordinate design within each room, and between rooms. Interior designers can help you explore styles, narrow down options, select materials, and colors, and create a comprehensive aesthetic for your home.

A kitchen designer is a more specialized type of expert who can advise you not only on styles, materials, and colors, but also help you with functional decisions, physical restrictions, and spatial challenges. A kitchen designer will help you create a kitchen that works for you and looks beautiful.

White kitchen

Do you need to hire both an interior and a kitchen designer?

This decision will depend on several factors, including your budget, the size of the renovation, and your own willingness and ability to manage the project. Using an interior and/or kitchen designer can help you save time by keeping you on-task, correcting and preventing mistakes, and dealing with manufacturers and contractors for you.

What specifically can an interior or kitchen designer help me do?

When you hire a professional interior or kitchen designer, you’re benefiting from their experience and expertise:

  • They can evaluate trends and help you incorporate them into your home seamlessly;
  • Maximizing use and function of space, interior and kitchen designers can improve more than just aesthetics—they can improve quality of life;
  • Their professional connections can save you time, frustration, and money.

Does Cabinets & Designs have kitchen designers?

Yes, Cabinets & Designs does have certified kitchen designers on our staff! Stop in to our showroom at The Shoppes at Memorial Villages on I-10 at Wirt Road, or call us at 713-627-8970 to make an appointment.

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